Past, Present and Future.

Visiting a cemetery is a journey beyond space and time. Your prayers for your loved ones will reach everywhere from here in Takino Hokkaido. Makomanai Takino Cemetery was opened in 1981. This cemetery is operated by a public interest incorporated association and is open to all religions and nationalities. One of the largest cemeteries in Japan and nowadays attracts not only grave visitors but also many tourists who come to view the architecture and statues here. [Paid parking available. / About 20 min. by bus from Makomanai Station. (Click here for Access)]

The gradation of the four seasons.

Spring with the blooming Sakura, Summer with the fragrance of lavenders, Autumn with the changing colors of leaves, and Winter with pure white snow. Makomanai Takino Cemetery is located in the nature-rich Minami Ward of Sapporo, and the four seasons of Hokkaido color the cemetery throughout the year. The tens of thousands of lavender plants surrounding the "Hill of the Buddha" are especially magnificent. Then, endemic wild animals and birds sometimes wander into the cemetery. Please do not feed these cute visitors, but watch over them warmly.

Inheritance of life and art.

The Moai statues in a row will greet you at the main gate. Then you will see “Hill of the Buddha” designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando. There is also a lot of the world’s famous architecture and statues in the cemetery. They honor the spirits of our ancestors, bless all people and connect proof of our life to future generations. Furthermore, the cemetery has a restaurant and café with free Wi-Fi, and a store that offers souvenirs and original items. Makomanai Takino Cemetery awaits you as a bright sacred place where many people visit. (Click here for 'Hill of the Buddha')

Comfortable place for everyone.

Makomanai Takino Cemetery is still an active burial place. For those who come here for memorial services or to visit graves, this is a home away from home, a special place to meet family, friends, and loved ones. At the same time, this is a park cemetery managed by a public interest incorporated association with the business purpose of contributing to local community development and is a place where anyone can gather and rest. We ask all visitors to observe the rules of the road and the manners of worship and to cooperate in maintaining peace and order.

This worship hall was designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando and completed in July 2016.
Because all of it is covered by a hill of lavender except for the face which watches over the precious spirit, he named it “Hill of the Buddha”.

Lingering snow glistens on distant mountainsides in spring. Fragrant with tens of thousands of lavender plants in summer. A panorama of brilliant autumn leaves. The sound of footsteps echoing in the silence and the snow-capped head of the Great Buddha.
Here, you can experience the four seasons unique to Hokkaido.
Payment machine (Admission fee)
Admission fee is 300yen per person.
・Free for children under 12 years.
・Group rate
 6~9 people  1,800yen
 10~19 people 3,000yen
 20~29 people 6,000yen
 30~39 people 9,000yen
*If there are 40 people or more, please pay separately.
*Make payment with cash (only 1,000yen notes are accepted) and credit card.


・Do not park on the street.
・Do not smoke.
・Do not trample in the restricted area such as lavender field and snow field.
・Do not bring your pets, except for assistant dogs.
・Do not enter with wheeled vehicles, except wheelchairs and strollers.
・Do not drink the water from the TEMIZU-SHA(purification trough) and from the water garden.
・Do not step into the water garden.
・Do not fly a drone.
・Do not run.
・Do not litter.
・Do not touch the statue.
・Admission may be restricted.
・Hill of the Buddha may be used for commercial shooting and interview.
・A permit application is require for all commercial shooting and interview.
These were built here so that the proof of your and your ancestor’s life can be handed down to future generations.
The largest one is 9.5m high and weighs 120t.Others are 6.5 m high and weigh 60 t.
The Moai statues in a row will greet you at the main gate of Makomanai Takino Cemetery.
Official character of Makomanai Takino Cemetery [Moi-kun]
He came to Japan from Easter Island and liked the natural beauty of Takino so much that he decided to live here permanently.
He is always watching over us with a warm heart.
(Click here for 'Moi’s House')
Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site and there are various theories as to why it was built, including that it was used as a religious site, astronomical observatory and tomb of a local ruling family.
Stonehenge at Makomanai Takino Cemetery is equipped with a permanent memorial grave as proof of our life and gives hope for future generations in a sacred place that has contact with the earth, nature and sky.
Only users are allowed to enter.
Restaurant Moai where you can enjoy the meal with a view of the Moai statues and magnificent scenery through large windows.
A variety of menus are available, including the seasonal limited edition ‘Seasonal Gozen’, popular Ramen, Soba, Udon, Curry and set menus ‘Teishoku’.
You are welcome to have just drinks or soft-serve ice cream.
*Please note that reservations are not accepted.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the management office.
In addition, power supplies at the counter seats in the Restaurant Moai and café space can be used freely.
Rotunda Café & Store at Hill of the Buddha where you can enjoy tea time with a view of Hill of the Buddha.
We offer original lavender-flavored menus. (Click here for more information)
The café sells products from ‘Missu House, a handmade ice-cream shop that selected Hokkaido ingredients.
There is in addition to lavender ice cream in collaboration with Hill of the Buddha, a total of five flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Green tea and Sunflower.
Enjoy the ‘Taste of Hokkaido’ created by the pioneers who popularized Hokkaido ice cream.
It’s Sapporo's most popular ice cream specialty shop, established in 1985.You can also purchase ice cream online, but the parfait the Sapporo Fushimi branch offer is excellent and you should try it. (Click here for ‘MISSU HOUSE official website’)
Missu House’s special soft-serve ice cream with a hint of lavender.
[Summer Special (mid-April to end-October)]
*Vanilla soft-serve ice cream sold at the management office is available all year round.

Soda with a strong lavender flavor.
[Summer Special (mid-April to end-October)]
It has a semisweet and refreshing taste and is perfect for the hot season.
Rotunda Café & Store sells a variety of products, including items only available at Hill of the Buddha.
You can enjoy a cup of coffee and choose souvenirs. 
Ema (Votive picture)
Goshuin book (Book of red ink stamp)
Tote bag
Tin badge
File folder
The shop in the management office offers a variety of products for grave visiting such as flowers, offerings, incense sticks and candles, as well as souvenirs such as confectionery only available at Makomanai Takino Cemetery.
Photo album of Hill of the Buddha
Moi-kun Yo-kan
Samurai Senbei
Masu (square wooden cup)
Masking Tape
Takino Flower Marche sells popular succulents, as well as lavender items from all over Japan. (Click here for more information)
The flowers grown here decorate the cemetery and are used as a sustainable source of fertilizer for dead flowers.  (Click here for more information)
Makomanai Takino Cemetery offers a wide variety of original products from sweets to knick-knacks, perfect as souvenirs.

Hill of the Buddha

Route 106 bus stop

Route 108 bus stop

Please pay the parking fee at the automatic payment machine when you leave.
The parking fee (one time) 500yen/car 1,500yen/bus
※Make payment with cash (only 1,000yen notes are accepted) and credit card.
Parking opening hours 7am – 4pm

Admission fee 300yen/person (Free for children under 12 years)
Group rate 6~9 people 1,800yen 10~19 people 3,000yen 20~29 people 6,000yen 30~39 people 9,000yen
※If there are 40 people or more, please pay separately.
※Make payment with cash (only 1,000yen notes are accepted) and credit card.
The bus stop is opposite the main gate of Makomanai Takino Cemetery.
Bus stop name/Takino toge
The bus stop is next to Takino Flower Marche.
Bus stop name/Makomanai Takino Cemetery (Hill of the Buddha) 

Notice about a Taxi

・Makomanai Takino Cemetery does not arrange taxis, so please make your own arrangements.
・There is no taxi stand at Makomanai Takino Cemetery.
・There are cases in which no taxi will come here due to a shortage of taxi drivers in Sapporo city.
・It is difficult to get through to taxi companies, especially during high season or bad weather.

If you are coming to Makomanai Takino Cemetery by chartered bus (vehicles with a seating capacity of 11 or more), prior application is required.
Please see the details and apply on the link page above. (Japanese text only)